Opel and BlaBlaCar offer unique automotive experiences through a shared travel community

28.08.2023 21:14

Opel and BlaBlaCar offer unique automotive experiences through a shared travel community

Rüsselsheim. Opel and BlaBlaCar, the world's largest long-distance travel community, have announced the launch of a pilot project in France, offering unique car experiences to the most active members of the travel community. The so-called "Ambassadors" will have access to select Opel vehicles at special exclusive prices and flexible financing schemes. Opel's fleet of models includes Corsa, Astra, Mokka X and Zafira (www.opelbook.ru/en/zafira) and is selected based on the preferences of BlaBlaCar drivers. Thus, drivers and passengers have a great opportunity to experience first hand the qualities of Opel vehicles with their excellent road dynamics, first-class technologies and superior comfort in a relaxed atmosphere on the way to their destination.

“We look forward to joining forces with BlaBlaCar,” said Peter Cuspert, VP Sales and Aftermarket. “BlaBlaCar Ambassadors will have access to select Opel bestsellers such as Corsa, Astra (www.opelbook.ru/en/astra) and Mokka X on preferential terms. The vehicles will meet their personal needs, as well as the wishes of the guests who share their travels with them, providing them with smart and affordable solutions, such as a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot on board the OnStar system. Our collaboration with BlaBlaCar is another step towards our goal of becoming not only a car manufacturer, but also a leading provider of mobility solutions.” The Rüsselsheim-based brand is the only car manufacturer in the world to engage in such an innovative mobility collaboration.

French BlaBlaCar representatives can now rent or buy Opel vehicles at lower prices, access full warranty and service coverage, and benefit from discounted rental payments for each month of car sharing in the BlaBlaCar community.

Nicholas Brusson, CEO of BlaBlaCar, said: “People in the BlaBlaCar community will buy over 1.3 million vehicles in 2017. Our idea is to use the power of this society to provide access to transactions that our members would otherwise not be able to access. We want to give back value to our ambassadors by allowing them to share cars to save a lot on owning and operating their cars.”

The global landscape for individual and group mobility is rapidly evolving as a combination of financial, practical, environmental and social factors are driving the move towards car sharing. With the change in the traditional car ownership model, there is an urgent need for mobility players to pay attention to and serve these new trends in consumer behavior.

Together, BlaBlaCar, Opel and ALD are pioneering the development of a new way to raise funds for the purchase of new vehicles through a unique combination of no deposit financing, attractive monthly payments, a full maintenance package and discounts - it's all done. perhaps thanks to the activity in the joint journey of members of BlaBlaCar.

The Corsa, Astra and Mokka X are among the best sellers in the Opel product range and have so far totaled around 1.3 million units in sales since their market premieres in 2015 and 2016 years. When paired with Opel OnStar, customers get access to superior connectivity and mobility services, including automatic emergency call, vehicle diagnostics, vehicle theft assistance and a powerful Wi-Fi hotspot with high-speed 4G/LTE mobile connectivity. Over the past 18 months, Opel OnStar has recorded more than nine million customer interactions on the system, about half of them through smartphones and the myOpel mobile app.

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